About Us


Please note that for the most part our wine selection is currently laid out by region, thus a given varietal may be stocked in different locations of the store. For example, Rieslings may appear in the Washington, Germany, Austria, Alsace and New Zealand sections. Likewise something like Sauvignon Blanc will be in other sections, including those where only the region is listed on the bottle (e.g., Sancerre in the Loire section). We are happy to help you locate these and to make suggestions.

For the most part the non-wine items follow a similar paradigm, with signage overhead delineating each section. Generally, the more obscure spirits will be placed in a section with items that share a base ingredient. For example, Colombian cane-based aguardiente is in the rum section, Chilean grape-based pisco is in the brandy section.

Case Discounts

Six or more non-sale bottles of wine (still, sparkling or dessert; excludes fortified wine) yields a 10% discount. The six or more bottles do not have to be the same wine. Discounts do not apply to sale items and may not be combined with any other offer, such as coupons in advertisements.

Credit Card Receipts

If you have any questions about the retention of credit and debit card receipts, please note the following federal regulation regarding this topic.

Affiliation With Other Retailers

We are not affiliated with any other retailer or company. The location next to Publix is our only location. We are a family-owned and locally-owned small business.

Items We Are Prohibited From Selling

Since we sell liquor, South Carolina law prohibits us from selling anything other than liquor, wine and mixers that contain at least one percent alcohol by volume. Items that would be logical for us to stock, but which we cannot legally carry include:

  • Gift bags
  • Relevant books or periodicals
  • Cork screws
  • Cigars
  • Beer of any gravity (we recommend Charleston Beer Exchange for artisanal brews)
  • Alcopops / Malternatives (e.g., Joose, Smirnoff Ice; we CAN carry Verdi as long as it is the hybrid version using both wine and malt bases created specifically for liquor stores)
  • Angostura bitters
  • Mixers without alcohol (if you look at a bottle of, e.g., Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix in a grocery store, you will notice ours contains 1% alcohol and theirs contains no alcohol)
  • Soft drinks (we CAN sell sodas that are packaged with liquor, e.g., the Goslings Rum “Dark and Stormy Kit”)
  • Fruit juices, limes, margarita salt
  • Food items such as artisanal cheeses

A large, corporate, national big box alcohol retailer gets away with this because they literally have two separate stores side by side (and they have the budget to build it this way). In light of these and other peculiar restrictions, we encourage you to contact our state legislators and ask them to modernize our positively byzantine and anti-competitive beverage laws. South Carolina law, and Federal law for that matter, currently does not favor small, locally owned businesses. This is a good ol’ boy state in the Bible Belt, and the inertia will not change unless you collectively demand reason and fairness from your legislators.


Store policies may be changed at any time and may have been changed at the actual store level but not yet updated on this site. Every effort will be made to keep the information on this site up to date and accurate.